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Rant #92

November 25, 2012

I have nothing interesting to say with this post. I saw a Christmas parade today and I can’t think of much to bitch about in regards to it, despite the fact that Jesus’ birthday was being brought to me by “The Brick.” There were a lot of people in bright and colourful costumes and they managed to entertain me and amp me up to take part in their culture of consumerism, and really I don’t want to complain about that, maybe just because it’s a cliche or maybe because I’m more light hearted than I like to lead on with this blog.

Watching more of that Ted Bundy interview, I think I was wrong to like him as much as I said I did initially. He doesn’t seem as smart as I originally stated, and even though I still find him interesting and may had even enjoyed his company in many instances, I don’t know what it was about him that reeled me in on first impact. Maybe I was buying into the hype of his serial killer status and wanting to identify with and like him before, or maybe I’m letting Youtube comments and words against him pull me in the other direction. In either instance, I don’t like being manipulated.

My roommate is borrowing a lot of money from me, and my other roommate is telling me he’ll never pay me back. The roommate I’ve been lending money to isn’t the most responsible person, but the roommate who’s speaking against him isn’t the most intelligent, so I don’t know what to believe.

I already regret writing about my roommate’s intelligence, particularly because I do like him despite some of his conclusions. I feel like by just writing this while not saying it to his face I have betrayed him, and maybe I have. Most people wouldn’t care about something like this, I think, but it’s having quite the negative effect on me. I don’t think I’m being very humble right now.

People are screaming outside of my apartment. Living here is like a constant reminder that, no matter how much I separate myself from it, I’m missing out on so much.

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